Mr.Niyas Ahamed

Managing Director Lands India Properties proclaims that:


We Land India Properties is very much through this delighted to welcome and meet you through website. Our organization is engaged in full swing for sales promotion of house sites suitable for construction in and around Chennai since 2012 prior to 2012 we engage in the promotion and sales of house sites duly approved in the southern districts of Tamilnadu, especially in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin now, since 2012 we have expanded our wings in and around Chennai with very successful manners.

We LIP is having the target and promoters for direct sales to the prospective buyers, for which agents are deployed as full time /part time or associated with as for Marketing activities. If you are interested and willing to join with LIP as agents full time/part time, you can click the “AGENT” cursor display in this site and become as an agent with LIP for mutual benefits.

Tailor-made Specification

Apart from the sales of house sites to all the people in time to the usage, we are having vision and target to construct houses against tailor-made specification and sell perspective customers.

Fast Appreciation

We LIP is having oath to the customers for an encumbrance free, fast appreciation of market value and protected house sites/layout duly approved by the government authorities.

Customer Satisfaction

Our main object is to clarify and clear all the doubts and queries raised by the customers related to purchase of land/houses etc. LIP is committed to provide satisfaction and happiness to our existing customers as well fourth coming customers in the year to come.

Target and Commitment

Further declares that LIP will never dealt or indulge in the illegal way of unauthorized land/litigation land/non – patta land /unapproved Land which is the totally against the legal business and LIP will disassociate with search activities in conforming to our target and commitment.


We assure that your valuable investment with us against the purchase of land /house will be appreciated in multiple man fields which you cannot just dream it.

Home Transfer

Apart from the above activities we are happy to arrange for home transfer of pattle plan approval for house construction, patta/chetta for resale to our valuable customers.